Harriet Heath.

My arm.

Look at this cool V for vegan tattoo! From @kaleidoscopee_eyes on instagram :). http://instagram.com/p/slacEQtbY5/

Oops, look what just happened at the tattoo convention. Looks messy because it’s litterally been 3 hours
this would be my burger spaceship abducting a cow! It is representative of how unnatural, unenvironmental, foreign and dangerous the meat industry is to this planet and it’s inhabitants. The tattoo in itself is representative of my lifelong commitment to animals and animal welfare. 
Done in Portland, Oregon, USA by Zach Griggs. 
By Christina Christie at Black Rabbit Tattoo Studio. Port Moody, BC.
http://reinkarnationtattoos.com, Cologne, Germany by Frankie Franken
ARTIST: Metronome Tattoo & Art
Vegan symbol tattoo done by Alex Andrews at Thunder Bunny Tattoo in Athens, Ohio. 
Anonymous: doesn't vegan tattooing completely defeat the point of being vegan? Tattooists practice on pig hides, therefore paying for a tattoo is buying into the tattoo trade, increasing the exploitation of animals.

Not all tattooists learn how to tattoo on pig hides. 


Here’s a freshie photo of one of two matching tattoos that @caspermacabre_tattoos did today! (Art brought by client) #caspermacabre #commercialdrive #thedrive #eastvan #vancity #vancouver #vancouverbc #vancouver_bc #vancouvertattoo #vegan #tattoovancouver #vancouvervegans #adornedvancity #tofu #tofutattoo #vegantattoo (at Adorned Precision Body Arts)