Vegan symbol tattoo done by Alex Andrews at Thunder Bunny Tattoo in Athens, Ohio. 
Anonymous: doesn't vegan tattooing completely defeat the point of being vegan? Tattooists practice on pig hides, therefore paying for a tattoo is buying into the tattoo trade, increasing the exploitation of animals.

Not all tattooists learn how to tattoo on pig hides. 


Here’s a freshie photo of one of two matching tattoos that @caspermacabre_tattoos did today! (Art brought by client) #caspermacabre #commercialdrive #thedrive #eastvan #vancity #vancouver #vancouverbc #vancouver_bc #vancouvertattoo #vegan #tattoovancouver #vancouvervegans #adornedvancity #tofu #tofutattoo #vegantattoo (at Adorned Precision Body Arts)
By Avalon at The Grand Illusion Tattoo - Melbourne, Australia 
By Eden Violet
Jk Billiot
themoviepax: You do realize that tattoo ink is made of burned animal bones right?

You do realise that not all tattoo ink contains animal bones right? Some of the most popular brands are in fact vegan/vegetarian friendly. Ive contacted companies myself and In our faq’s you can see a list of brands which do not contain any animal ingredients whatsoever. Thanks. 

By Darin Ennis (Via Instagram) 
By Kenny Brown in Fredericksburg VA.